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Realty Stars

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Home Search on the Big Screen

Have your popcorn ready! Search for and install my ”Realty Stars” app on your Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Android TV. Enter with channel code "SEATTLE" and experience a more enjoyable and even fun way to find a home!

Realty Stars
Realty Stars

Use Channel Code: "SEATTLE"  when first entering the app.

Click the button of your TV device to install my Realty Stars app:


Client Testimonials


"We've been house hunting for a while and were using Zillow. We like this much better because the photos are much bigger on the TV. We can also do this as a family now."


"Once we got used to seeing properties on our 70" HDTV we didn't want to go back to the phone or laptop. I notice things on the TV screen that I couldn't see on a phone app or my laptop."


"The background music is so relaxing and navigating with the remote is so easy. We are addicted."


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